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OpenSource technology expertise is our umbrella.  Cutting edge technologies is the forte of Eudaemonic Systems and the business verticals that we have a strong foundation are in:

Operating Systems that we use in our day-to-day activities are FreeBSD and Linux, they not only execute on our servers and embedded systems, FreeBSD handles our corporate network as well.  Simulation is an important aspect in the design that we do, and we use tools that are specific to the platform and are from the OpenSource stable.  Every project that we handle will adhere to the prescribed quality norms, and internally we follow the ISO 9001:2000 and 9001:2008 norms.  The project is crafted according to the specifications indicated in IEEE SWEBOK (Software Engineering Book of Knowledge), and is managed using the Gnome Planner.

It is in this encompassing environment that we conceptualise, design, develop, and troubleshoot the products that are flexible and scalable.

It will always be a pleasure to provide additional information about how your  organisation can benefit from the industry relevant expertise offered by Eudaemonic Systems and we are always available to assist you at the email-id or at the location or on the telephone number indicated in the page Reach Us @.

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