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Programming for Performance and Measurement

The exciting world of programming eternally spins around complexities - some which are programmer made, some are through constraints, some through design, and some injected on purpose.  The question that needs to be answered is: How to program for measurement aiding the analysis of the complexities?

Time-Space-Complexity by Eudaemonic Systems

How about understanding the concepts of time-space complexities from the analysts perspective about programming techniques used for performance measurement?  At Eudaemonic Systems you will be given a firm footing in the concepts that govern the fundamentals of Programming for Performance Measurement which will be through:

How and what do you benefit from the learnings that has been specifically crafted by the team at Eudaemonic Systems? You get to learn from technologists from the industry who have hands-on experience with Programming for Performance and Measurement and will provide you the cutting edge technology learning experience using a MIPS32 processor based board that has a huge market share in the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) segment.

This is a hands-on session, and the expectation that we have from you is that you will have the basic knowledge of C programming language, an exposure to a variant of UNIX, and familiarity with SDLC - the three skill set are mandatory.  A good-to-have skill will be the exposure to usage of spreadsheet application.

It will always be a pleasure to provide additional information about how you can benefit from the offered Programming for Performance and Measurement module by Eudaemonic Systems, and to know more you can send in an email to info at eudaemonicsystems dot net or alternatively we are always available to assist you at the location or the telephone number indicated in the page Reach Us @.

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