A Warm Welcome          

Eudaemonic Systems has been created to provide Design, Development, Consulting, Continued Education and Systems Distribution services from a single location for various verticals under the Information Technology domain.

The differentiator that we bring in the offered services are:

In brief, our company can be envisioned as a foremost service provider in the expertise umbrella of OpenSource, Systems - Application - Network management, Systems Design - Programming, Technical Management, Industrial Engineering for processes and quality, and Train The Trainer.  Our offerings will be Simple, Specific & Insightful.

The language meaning of Eudaemonic Systems is the ability of a system to generate happiness and well being by bringing the hidden aspects to the fore.  The pronunciation of Eudaemonic is as in You-Day-Monic

The logo starts with an inverted 'e' that stands for Eudaemonic, while the 's' that follows 'e' stands for Systems, and we strive for this company to be a feather in the community.

Eudaemonic Systems does acknowledge, recognise and respect the trademark and copyright of the products that we use in the various verticals of our business.

Simple, Specific & Insightful