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Mapping SourceForge and Embedded Systems
Author: Varuna E.

Have you checked on the number of OpenSource projects available?

To give you an example of mapping an electrical domain with robots, I used the search string "robot" to get an idea of the software projects related to robots that are currently being worked on in the OpenSource domain that are listed in sourceforge.  Likewise search sourceforge on the keyword electrical, and you will find "electricfieldma".  This now gets us somewhere close.

The question is how to map this particular project to your requirement.  A possible solution would be to build a robot that measures the electrical field map, and transmits the data back to the base station for display by the software.  Please be aware that I still have not checked on electrifieldma software to understand what it is  –  I am just mapping an idea to the name.

Now, if you try and imagine the required components, they might be the following:

Take this further and interface the base station micro-controller with a Linux workstation through serial interface and provide the data received from the robot as input the software  http://sourceforge.net/projects/electricfieldma/.  The technologies that will come into this project will be robot programming, rx/tx interfacing with micro-controller, Linux serial device drivers…. and so on.

Likewise you can explore the domain that interests you, and them come up with a project that involves electrical and robotics.

Take this further and develop the mapping between any of the OpenSource project with an implementation of an embedded system.

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